Santiniketan Travel Guide

15 Common Birds of Santiniketan 🐦🦜 🦆

BABBLER A most common bird of Santiniketan. Seen everywhere throughout the year.Babbler has a grayish untidy appearance.They make groups containing seven babblers in each group. That’s why their group called ‘seven sisters.’ COMMON IORA Common iora is a well-known bird of Santiniketan. They make their nests at abandoned places like crow pheasant.Iora’s call is similar to the … Read more

Poush Mela – Santiniketan

Poush Mela Photography Contest Share your best Poush Mela Photographs (Previous Years’) and Win Prizes IntroductionDetailsPrizes Introduction This year we will not observe Poush Mela for the first time. So to refresh everyone’s memories we are creating the best Collection of Poush Mela Photographs of previous years. But we can not do it without your … Read more

🛩️ 🛩️How to reach Santiniketan?(2019 Version) 🛩️🛩️

Find out the best ways to reach Santiniketan. Finally, you decided to visit Santiniketan on this holiday (or, might be planning). Congrats you choose a great destination. Before beginning, you need to know that “How to reach Santiniketan.” I think the most important thing is to arrive at Santiniketan smoothly. In this article, I am going … Read more