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Find out the best ways to reach Santiniketan.

Finally, you decided to visit Santiniketan on this holiday (or, might be planning). Congrats you choose a great destination.

Before beginning, you need to know that “How to reach Santiniketan.” I think the most important thing is to arrive at Santiniketan smoothly.

In this article, I am going to provide some brief details about the ways to reach in Santiniketan.

Ways to reach Santiniketan

Wherever you are planning to travel there are only a few ways available to reach there. Methods are by flight, train, bus or cab.

Unfortunately, no ships are available to reach Santiniketan.

How to reach Santiniketan by flight

There is not an airport present in Santiniketan. Nearest airport to Santiniketan is Kolkata airport (Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport).

You can also choose Durgapur airport, but I suggest you avoid Durgapur airport.

After reaching Kolkata airport, you can either take a cab or take a bus. Unfortunately, Kolkata to Santiniketan buses is not available yet.

If you want to travel by bus from Kolkata airport, then you have to reach Burdwan first. In Burdwan, you can get buses which go directly to Santiniketan.

My recommendation is to book a cab. Cabs are the most convenient way to reach here. Distance via road is 163 K.M. You have to travel approximately three hours in a car to reach there.

Kolkata to Santiniketan car fare (Approx.): ₹1,680 – ₹5,000

You can book flight tickets from Holidify.

How to reach Santiniketan by train

Choosing Indian Railway should be an excellent decision to reach Santiniketan. A plenty amount of trains are available to arrive at Santiniketan.

Nearest station from Santiniketan is Prantink (Distance: 2.5 K.M).

But Bolpur station (Distance: 3.0 KM) is a more agreeable option. Better security, more local transport etc. features are available in Bolpur station.

The best thing about Bolpur station is each and every train have stoppage there.

You must skip Prantik station at night for security reason.

If you are coming from the northern part of West Bengal Guwahati station will be a better option to reach Bolpur station.

Or you can directly go to Kolkata (Howrah) station for trains.

Kolkata (Howrah) to Santiniketan train fares are different for each and every train.

You can use “Where is my train” android application in your smartphone. Nice app with many handy features. You can enquire trains between two stations, the fare of a specific train and live location.

How to reach Santiniketan by bus

The bus can’t be a good choice if you planning to come to Santiniketan from the districts in West Bengal except for Birbhum, Burdwan, Murshidabad, due to the lack of adequate buses.

You can get a bus to reach Bolpur directly from Durgapur, Berhampore, Maldah, Asansol, Burdwan, Suri, Panagarh etc.

Buses are not recommended by me.

How to reach Santiniketan by cabs

Nowadays cabs are getting famous among travellers.

Cabs are available to reach at Santiniketan in metros and urban.

I suggest taking cabs from the Ola or Uber app. These apps provide excellent service at a reasonable price.

Kolkata to Santiniketan distance is 160-200 K.M. Approximately 2-3 hours journey with cabs.

Cabs are also available in towns like Durgapur, Maldah, Berhampore etc.

I recommend cabs because Santiniketan is well connected by roads.

How to reach Santiniketan with car or bike

Using your car or bike is a good idea to reach Santiniketan. Santiniketan is well connected by roads.

In that case, you want to reach Santiniketan from any other location except Kolkata head over to Google Maps. Google Maps is the best option when you travel in your own car or bike.

How to find suitable roads to reach Santiniketan with Google Maps

How to find suitable roads to reach Santiniketan with Google Maps

  1. Step 1:Open Google Maps from your Smartphone.
  2. Step 2:Search for “Santiniketan”
  3. Step 3:Tap on the option “direction” from the bottom of your screen.
  4. Step 4:Use your location or input manually from where you want the direction to reach Santiniketan.
  5. Step 5:Direction will be shown on your screen. Use this to reach Santiniketan.

Kolkata to Santiniketan with your own car or bike (Step by step guide)

Step 1: If you planning to come from Kolkata then you should take Durgapur expressway (NH-2) to reach Panagarh (Darjeeling More).

Step 2: After reaching Panagarh take a right in NH-61 (Panagarh Morgram Highway).

Step 3: In Illambazar leave the NH-61 and take the Kobi Joydeb Road (Illambazar to Bolpur road).

Step 4: Take left in front of BITM in Kamarpara. This road will lead to Santiniketan. If you take right here, then you will reach Bolpur station.

You can use this map:

But you should always wear a helmet when riding a bike. These roads are busy roads with a lot of traffic. Too dangerous.

Before booking any hotel check out Best Hotels in Santiniketan 2019.


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