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Poush Mela Photography Contest

Share your best Poush Mela Photographs (Previous Years') and Win Prizes


This year we will not observe Poush Mela for the first time.

So to refresh everyone’s memories we are creating the best Collection of Poush Mela Photographs of previous years. But we can not do it without your help.

That is why R.B. Photographic Store and Santiniketan Travel Guide are conducting this Poush Mela Photography Contest.

You requested to submit your best previous years’ Poush Mela photographs and get a chance of winning a prize.

We will publish the collection here as well in our Facebook pages, with proper credit to you.

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Contest Details

There are two categories.

DSLR category: Submit DSLR photographs. There are three prizes
Mobile category: Share photographs captured by Mobile, Digital Camera and other devices. There 3 prizes for this category.

How to submit photos?

Write a small piece about Poush Mela. It should be Informational content; covering topics like history, location, major attractions and so on. There is 1 prize.

Word limit: 500 words

How to submit? We will update the details later.*

We encourage you to tag your friends and family members who you know have a amazing collection of photographs of Poush Mela.

The person who tags the most number of friends get a prize.

Tag them in any of these following two threads – 


How to collect your prize?

Please not that, to collect the prizes you have visit R.B. Photographic Store any time after announcement of winners.

If you not in Santiniketan now, we still urge you to participate and help us build the best collection Poush Mela Photographs. But, we do not have the facility to send you your prize. But the prizes have no expiry dates, if you visit the store even after a year, the prize will be kept for you.

Have any query?

If you have any query feel free to comment below or email us.

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