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Know what to see in Santiniketan.

Well, finally you arrived in Santiniketan and wanted to know the places to visit in Santiniketan. Santiniketan is a large tourist spot with a lot of things to see.

In this article, I want to come up with brief and handy details on the best places to visit in Santiniketan.

If you want to explore all the tourist spots, you must have to consider 2-3 days here.

The main attraction of Santiniketan is Visva-Bharati University.

I am dividing this article into two divisions Visva-Bharati locations and Non-Visva-Bharati locations.

Well, Visva-Bharati is the Santiniketan University founded by Tagore.

Visva–Bharati locations

Santiniketan Ashram (Patha Bhavana)

Ongoing Classes in Pathabhavana

Santiniketan Ashram is a must visit place, and it should appear on top of your list if you are traveling here for the first time. The ashram is the root of Santiniketan and Bolpur also.

Visiting Hours: 1.00 PM – 6.00 PM

Visiting Fees: Nil

Visiting Days: All over the week

  • How to reach Santiniketan Ashram(Patha Bhavana)?

Ans. Local transports options are available. You can reach here by a Toto or cycle rickshaw from wherever you are staying in Santiniketan.


You can’t visit the ashram area before 1 PM. Students of Patha Bhavana (a Shantiniketan school)do their open-air classes through the whole ashramarea. So you have to wait until the classes end.

Things to see in Santiniketan Ashram

Santiniketan Bari(Santiniketan House): In the beginning period of Santiniketan, this house was built by Debendranath Tagore. The first construction in Santiniketan.

Santiniketan Bari (Santiniketan House)

In the present days, Santiniketan Bari became a museum containing some used things by Rabindranath and his father.

To visit this museum, you have to buy tickets. Unfortunately, you can’t buy tickets from here.

How can you buy tickets? Bear with me I will answer this question later in this article.

Kanch Mandir(Glass Temple): Debendranath built Kanch Mandir for doing prayer (Upasana)This construction contained with colorful glasses.

Kanch Mandir (Glass Temple)

Don’t miss the artworks by great artist Nandalal Basu in front of Santiniketan Bari.

Singha Sadan: It is a famous building in Santiniketan with a big clock and a bell (not works anymore).

Singha Sadan

Purano Ghanta Tala: A large bell hanged on the two red pillars. It is used during school time.

Purano Ghonta Tala

A secret tip, if you want, you can ring the bell. But carefully you have to confirm the absence of a security guard before ringing the bell.

Chatim Tala: Here you will see a well-maintained garden with two saptoporni(blackboard) trees also known by chatim.

Chatim Tala

These trees are the origin of Santiniketan. Make sure to know the reason from a local people or guide man before you leave.  

Others: I have not mentioned the other things to explore in Pathabhavana because I don’t want to ruin your interest.

Ongoing Classes in Pathabhavana

I will suggest you take a guide man in the Ashram areaGuide men have a good knowledge of the history of Santiniketan. They can guide you with much information at a reasonable price.

Awareness: Toto drivers can propose you to take him as a guide. In most cases, Toto drivers don’t have the proper knowledge to guide. They can mislead you with incorrect information.

My suggestion is to avoid Toto drivers; they can drive well but can’t guide you.

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Rabindra Bhavana ( Shantiniketan Museum)

Udayan (Rabindra Bhavana)

Visiting Days: Friday-Tuesday

Visiting Hours: 10 AM-6 PM

Visiting Fees:

  • How to reach the Rabindra Bhavana museum?

Ans. Toto and Cycle Rickshaws are available to reach here. You can take a Toto to reach Rabindra Bhavana.

Rabindra Bhavana is located just beside Santiniketan Ashram. It is a museum maintained by Visva Bharati,also known by Uttrayan.

Here you will see the five houses of Rabindranath named Udayan, Konark, Shyamali, Punascha, andUdichi.

A museum hall named Bichitra situated in Uttrayan complex. Here you will find a lot of used things and artworks by Rabindranath, his wife Mrinalini, his sons Shamindranath & Rathindranath and his elder brother Abanindranath.

A car also exhibited here used by Rabindranath and his father, Debendranath.

You can also see the duplicate piece of Nobel Prize achieved by the poet. Unfortunately, the original one was stolen from the museum in the year 2004.

If you are with me from beginning here is the answer you can buy tickets here to visit Santiniketan Bari museum.

Nandan Art Gallery

Nandan Art Gallery

Visiting Hours:

Visiting Days:

Visiting Fees: Nil

  • How to reach the Nandan Art Gallery?

Ans. Nandan Art Gallery situated beside Rabindra Bhavana if you reach Santiniketan Ashram or Rabindra Bhavana by Toto(E-Rikshaw) you can visit here by foot.

Nandan Art Gallery is an exhibition hall. A variety of fine art exhibitions are taking place here throughout the year. 

You can head over here to take a look at the ongoing exhibition.

Kala Bhavana (department of fine arts)

Kala Bhavana

Visiting Hours:

Visiting Days:

Visiting Fees: Nil

  • How to reach Kala Bhavana (a Shantiniketan college)?

Ans. Kala Bhavana positioned just before Nandan Art Gallery. You can get there by your foot from Nandan Art Gallery, Rabindra Bhavana or Santiniketan Ashram.

Here, you can explore many great artworks done by the students, teachers and Nandalal Bose.

Kalo Bari (Black House) Patha Bhavana

Kalo Bari(Black House) is an excellent piece of traditional art, situated in Kala Bhavana campus.

Honestly speaking if you have a short time in your holidays that’s are enough to see in Visva-Bharati.

But if you want to explore Visva-Bharati in super detail and you have more time to spend then you can visit these areas in this University.

You can visit Sriniketan, Shilpa Sandana, Palli Samghatana Vibagha (P.S.V), Palli Siksha Bhavana (department of agriculture), Siksha Satra, Vinaya Bhavana (department of education & physical education), Bhasa Bhavana, Siksha Bhavana, Vidya Bhavana, Bangladesh Bhavana, etc.

Non-Visva-Bharati locations

You can explore the University area in Santiniketan, but you can also traverse many other places to fulfill your joy.

Srijani Shilpagram

Srijani Shilpagram

Visiting Hours:

Visiting Days:

Visiting Fees:

  • How to reach Srijani Shilpagram?

Ans. Srijani Shilpagram located in Santiniketan-Sriniketan road. You can either take a Toto or cycle rickshaw to get in.

Here, you can explore the homes, lifestyle, handicrafts of the Eastern and North-Eastern states of India. Local artisan also sells their crafts here.

A government initiative, Srijani Shilpagram started in 2008 and included representation from states such as West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Sikkim, the seven sisters in North-East and Andaman Nicobar islands too.

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Deer Park Shantiniketan

Deer Park

Visiting Hours:

Visiting Days:

Visiting Fees:

  • How to reach Deer Park?

Ans. The answer is the same; you can reach there with a Toto or cycle rickshaw. If you want you can use your foot, Deer Park is quite nearer from Santiniketan Ashram.

The deer park is a part of Ballavpur wildlife sanctuary containing families of deer. You can visit here to see the deer and spend your time in the lap of nature.

Amar Kutir

Amar Kutir

Visiting Hours: 8.00 AM-6.00 PM

Visiting Days: Throughout the year except for 5th and 6th June.

Visiting Fees: Nil

  • How to reach Amar Kutir?

Ans. Either Toto or cycle rickshaw.

Amar Kutir is a cooperative unit that produces leather goods, Kantha stitched saris, bamboo crafts, dokra products, hand-loom products, and batik at a reasonable price. Its leather-craft group employs mostly women. It has one batik unit and a hand-loom unit also.

You can buy handicrafts from here. Besides the showroom here is a park also. You can enjoy paddle boat and other play materials here.

Shonibarer Haat (Saturday’s Market)

Shonibarer Haat (Khoai Mela)

Visiting Hours: 2.00 PM-6.00 PM

Visiting Days: Every Saturday

Visiting Fees: Nil

  • How to reach Shonibarer Haat(Khoai Mela)?

Ans. Shonibarer Haat situated in Sonajhuri. Take a Toto or cycle rickshaw to reach there Or you can use your car or bike.

Shonibarer Haat is a local marketplace that takes place at Sonajhuri (Khoai) in every Saturday. An ideal place to spend your weekend.

Local artisans sell their artworks here at a low price. Bauls song, tribal dances will feel you delight here.

If you are staying in Santiniketan on Saturday, I will suggest not to miss this.



Visiting Hours: 6.00AM-6.00PM

Visiting Days: Everyday

Visiting Fees: Nil

  • How to reach Kankaliatala?

Ans. It is located about 9 KM from Bolpur in Bolpur-Labhpur road. Buses are available from Jambuni, Lodge More and Chitra More.

It is one of the Shakti peethas where the waist(Kankal)of sati fell. There are several temples and masjid in the town. Kankalitala is also a famous Hindu pilgrimage of Santiniketan.


Hope this guide will help you to explore Santiniketan correctly. Have I missed something? Let me know in comments.

And if it is your first time in Santiniketan, type ‘new’ in comments. Don’t forget to share this article.

Happy Journey.


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